Last Update: 19.02.10

Residence: Balingen, South Germany

Current Line-Up:
Ralph On Fyre - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Bloody Chris - Drums

Autumn 00: Formed as a duo by Chris and Ralph
Winter 00/01: Lovely Nadine (Organ/Vocals) joins the band

Spring 01: First Gigs
March 01: Recording-Session for Demo-CD "7 Traditionals for Guitar, Organ And Drums"

January 02: Lovely Nadine leaves
February 02: Marty Bacchardi completes again on organ and vocals
June 02: First gigs with new line-up
End July 02: Recording-Session Demo-CD "7 Romantic Lovesongs for the Outsiders at Heart"

2003: Lotsa gigs. After last gig in December in London, UK the band decides to pause.

May 2006: The band carries on at an occasional level, writes a few new songs but just as a two-piece with Ralph and Chris. Several gigs.

2007: Some gigs in the local area, nothing special.

Winter 2008 - August 2009: Recording new songs at our own on a 1" machine in several rehearsal-rooms.

December 2009: First regular record "... Found Their Peace In Virgin Mary", an 11-track-CD in a 6-page-DigiPak, running for 35 or so minutes is released on RHR Records. Release show at Sonnenkeller, Balingen 12.12.09, playing live with Felix of Dead On The Sofa on organ and Matthias of Navigator on guitar.

Early 2010: Some shows. Some with Felix, some just the gruesome twosome.