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Discography - 7 Romantic Lovesongs for the Outsiders at Heart

7 Romantic Lovesongs for the Outsiders at Heart (Demo-CD, 02)

Tracklist (click for lyrics):

1 - High Heel Hell House
2 - The Broken Hearts Revue (Download mp3)
3 - No Ticket To The Heaven Train
4 - The Dark Room (Download mp3)
5 - Physical
6 - My Baby's Love Is Not For Free
7 - The Strange Attraction Swing

All songs by the Cha Cha Guerillas.

Recorded, mixed and mastered: 27th July to 3rd August 02 at Novasonic, Reutlingen by Marquis und Indie.

Marty Bacchardi - Hammond, Backing-Vocals
Bloody Chris - Drums
Ralph On Fyre - Guitar, Vocals

Again no overdubs, except the Percussions on "High Heel Hell House" and "The Dark Room" as well as the Theremin on "No Ticket To The Heaven Train" and "My Babys Love Is Not For Free".

As this CD is supposed for promotion only, we recorded "Physical" again to give the promoters a clue on how the old songs sound with the new line-up.

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