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Discography - ... Found Their Peace In Virgin Mary

... Found Their Peace In Virgin Mary (CD 2009, RHR Records)

Tracklist (click for lyrics):

1 - In The Basement Of My Heart (3:39)
2 - I Thank You, God (2:15) (download mp3)
3 - Brothers & Sisters (2:03)
4 - Damn Daddy (3:21) (download mp3)
5 - Arons Body (4:23)
6 - Kill A Love (3:14)
7 - Mr. Twinkertons Strange Love For The Guillotine (5:05)
8 - You’re No Longer One Of Us (1:50)
9 - In Another Inn (2:25)
10 - Jaguar (3:57)
11 - All I Lost And All I Left (5:10)

All songs by the Cha Cha Guerillas

Recorded by Ringo Royal (on 1" analog tape) between 23.12.08 and 7.4.09. All basic tracks with guit and drum are recorded live.

Mixed by Ringo Royal and the Guerillas between 28.5.09 and 7.8.09

Mastered by Ringo Royal in endless undocumented sessions all alone by himself between June 09 and Oct. 09

Bloody Chris - Drums
Ralph On Fyre - Guitar, Organ, Vocals

We did several overdubs on this record, mainly because we wanted to add Organ and some guitar accents. Most overdubs are really bare. Just an occational second or third guitar to do a melody or an outstanding chord. There are no two guitars doin' any main-line.
Vocals have sometimes been split on few tracks for several reasons, using mostly just one of them. It's just very few times where two voices are used.

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