Last Update: 02/11/27
7 Romantic Lovesongs for the Outsiders at Heart - Lyrics

High Heel Hell House
You're gonna waste your time
She's my baby
A High-Heel-Hell-House
You better run away
She's my baby
A High-Heel-Hell-House

The Broken Hearts Revue
She don't likes me
She don't tries
Hurts me with apologies
I don't know what's on her mind
Anyway she made me blind

Wants me - haunts me - got me
Down at the Heartache-Avenue
First needs me - then leaves me
See you at the Broken-Hearts-Revue

She-de-la-she-de-la she don't dances
Shocks me with her wobbly stances
She-de-la-loo-de-la looks so good
Turned that loon in greedy mood

I don't want no money
I don't go for gold
I just need a honey
But that baby-bitch
Dumped me down that ditch
Fuckin' Playboy-Bunny

No Ticket To The Heaven Train
I eat them raw
I eat them cooked
I eat them anytime my jaw is not hooked
I have no heart
I have no brain
I have no ticket to the heaven train, yeah

I ruined my body
I ruined my soul
I ruined you, honey, with a can out of gold
I have no heart
I have no brain
I have no ticket to the heaven train, yeah

The Dark Room
He stopps his Chevy in a new buried ground
He's lookin' strange so all the girls are around
He flips a coin and all devils feel raised
A handclap and this place is erased

Comin' out of nowhere
In a darkened room where the world looks so strange

She wears the sign of the number nine
Her eyes are breedin' with a feverish denial
The next day there's pest and decay
So read the lines of the foreseers pray

Seperated from the cell
Thriving out an atomical hell
Lives the kind that's in my mind
Says the one that's never wrong

I have a physical understanding
I haven't found the way to the centre
I need a wonder

Seperated from the cell
Growing out of a mystical shell
Never here, never there
Just to seen in a certain esteem

I always felt like my brain could melt
Rigor Mortis infected myself
Now it's gone. Was all wrong?
How can I let go ...

My Babys Love Is Not For Free
My babys love is not for free
Afraid of poisoned liquid in my beer
Her coldened stare should impale me
I leave before I will have to decease

I gotta sneak out of here
Why she lays her hands on me?

My knees they do not carry me ...

The Strange Attraction Swing
I've been waitin' for so long
Just to find a girl like you that doesn't get me wrong
All the beauties found me spooky
How can I explain why I just fought them in vain

I fell for your strange attraction
It's more than plain satisfaction
This lasts longer
I'm not lookin' for perfection
I'm seeking for wicked action
That's not wrong

Reach your hand out
I will clean you
I will give you everything they always turned you down for
I'll accept you
I'll perfect you
Oh my darling, tell me your commands that I can suit you

I've been so lonely
I've been the only-one
They said I'm phoney
But now I found you
Quit being a loner
Quit being so homey