Last Update: 02/05/31
7 Traditionals for Guitar, Organ And Drums - Lyrics

The Rock-Revolution
Got no style?
Stepped out other foots for awhile?
Don't you get music?
Aren't you fertile?
Copycat-Killing is boring senile

As you raise your hands, too
Like that starved kids do
I tell you in just five years
You make millions with my ideas!

Music is war
Run in established doors
Not always break your shelf
But mankind needs the war to revive itself

Pumpin' up money but volumes
Overrun by it's own tunes
Like that kid Kurt for example
This dumb asshole killed what we stand for

Switchin' a lot for the realms of rhyme
But though my favorite times are the sixties
I'm not gonna break my ass for the hippies

So slap your ass, sweet pie
Write some tunes that never die
That you can stand there and say:
"That's my trib(ute) to the Rock-Rev(olution), hey!"

And if I die someone plays my style
I would die just to see you smile

Too Funk To Die
I hear my kneecaps crashing
I see my blood pour down
My heart is openfolded
Dies with a screeching sound
My ankles are overtwisted
I see some bone stick out
I hope I have to die here
Can't hold on screaming loud:
Killmekillmekillmekillmekillme, yeah!

Seperated from the cell
Thriving out an atomical hell
Lives the kind that's in my mind
Says the one that's never wrong

I have a physical understanding
I haven't found the way to the centre
I need a wonder

Seperated from the cell
Growing out of a mystical shell
Never here, never there
Just to seen in a certain esteem

I always felt like my brain could melt
Rigor Mortis infected myself
Now it's gone. Was all wrong?
How can I let go ...

Put Your Hand On Something New
When I was driving down the road today
I felt the street was like my life
I thought it's time, I'm bored of this!
So I turned and drove to Chris
And he said: "Let's do it: Put our hands on something new!"

When I was walking down the street today
I saw a girl and fell in love
I thought I'm married, so let her go
But something in me said: No!
So I turned to do it: Put your hand on something new

I just can't sit here and watch the walls until I die
I have to break up to find a way to try
To put my hand on something new

Trash Dumpin'
(Go and figure that out for yourself, cutie.)

It's Right
I know I lost control on everything I tried
I feel like on-the-loose and can't be satisfied

Hey baby
You got it
Go fix me
Hey honey
Go fix me
I tell ya:
"It's right!"