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... Found their Peace In Virgin Mary - Lyrics

In the Basement of My Heart
How to bear this, all those worries
Oh my Jesus, buy me a rope that I can find myself
All those stories, failin’ glories
Oh my Jesus, dig me a cave where I can find some shelf

All those stories, down-gone glories
I feel perfectly in shape when I am desolate
And then I’m done with all this rubbish
But to tell me that I feel sorry it is much too late

In the basement of my heart it’s dark and dangerous
If I could choose I would just run away

All that’s gory are just stories
I’m so harmless, don’t know the way into this blackened vale
Run away – maybe stay
I got all the time in my life to see me rot and decay

In the basement of my heart it’s creepy and hollow
If I could choose I would just run away

Gaunt and bale, soft and stale
This is my personal undoing growing under clouds
Run away – make your way
Like the rising smoke from the chimney of the slaughterhouse

I Thank You, God
I thank you, God, for the truck
That found me right as I stuck
In the middle of the road
Just like a blind-folded goat

Brothers And Sisters
I have the hands of my father
I have the heart of my mother
I have the soul of my brother – ain’t I?
I wrapped my arms ‘round my sister
She bit my tongue as I kissed her
How awesome when they’re resistant – ain’t they?

How can I tell I never was the one
Who thought ‘bout placing seeds in
I don’t know why I always fought the sun?
Maybe to stop bad breeding

I ate the cheese of my father
I drank the wine of my mother
I licked the wounds of my brothers – ain’t I?
I always thought it to be right
I always thought we should stick tight
I never learned any other – ain’t I?

When I was young my brother told me: “Son,
Don’t dare to do any wrong!“
Now that I’m old, I forgot was I was told
And so I sing this song

Damn Daddy
Is he worried?
Or is he blurried?
Is he weary?
Or is he buried?

Is he wrong-sided?
Is he wrong-tied?
Is he upright?
Or is he just pried?

Damn Daddy
I wasn’t ready
For heavy petting
Or white wedding

Arons Body
(Part I – Aron, no)

Waitin‘ by Arons body
Arons blood has run cold
Aron knew Virgin Mary
And Mary knew about his gold

All the time, and that’s funny
The people tried to unfold
No-one found that Arons money
Was the truth that he told

(Part II – Aron, oh)

Then in the next night
When greedy fingers searched his bones
She held her wings on Arons body
Now in the daylight
You can see it carved in stone
The empty shape of Arons dummy

Kill a Love
A kiss in the safehouse
On those lips like shattered glass
When trying to strangle my spouse
She shoved a knife up my ass
So, I’ll never raisin’ to the saint

50$-bill in the one hand
And a pile of shit in the other
What is worth, what is weighing more
You could just kill on or the other
So, I’ll better blurr myself and faint

I ripped her heart in two that summer
Pardon me, I had the urge to kill a love
Then she went back to the brothel
Never had I thought to hurt myself

Later in the evening
I heard her slam the door
Smashin’ bottles in the hallway
Then throwing her stomach to the floor
No, I’ll never raise up from the sand

I ripped her heart in two that summer
Pardon me, I had the urge to kill a love
Then she went back to my brother
Never had I thought to hurt myself

Mr. Twinkertons Strange Love For The Guillotine
Deep down in my dreams
Deep down in the sea
Between the fish and the shrimps
I see your floating limbs
It feels so dark and so warm
To kiss your withered arm
So sweet so soft and so pale
This quest can never fail

Hang your head down, let it rollin’
Hammer heads down, ain’t they rollin’

Deep down in my dreams
Deep down on your knees
Between the wine and the cheese
I found a way to please
I always failed to be clean
I always failed to be smart
But without all these needs
I found right through to your heart

Hang your head down, let it rollin’
Hammer heads down, ain’t they rollin’

Now the time has come
To find me another one
There’s nothin’ left on you
Where I can run my blades into
I don’t need no love
I don’t want no soul
Just if there’s hands and feet
That’s what my belly needs

You’re No Longer One Of Us
I want my pride back
I want everything that you stole from me
You are one repellent fool
I deny you
You’re no longer one of us

In Another Inn
Oh God, I know I can’t stay
When there’s no hope, when there’s no flame
There’s always fish on Friday
I’m always falling for the same

What in the world could it be
That I can’t find in another inn
What else could happen to me
That I can’t find in another inn

Although it’s known I’m frightend
No talk of who – no talk of how
No chance to leave the light on
I want my money back, now

The clock’s not in the right place
The time is up, the time is wrong
I’m steppin’ back in my trace
Don’t stay to wait, cause I am gone

This is Jaguar
This is singular
Is this man or war?
No, it’s none of all
This is it, by all means

This is Jaguar
It is similar
Is this all we need?
Yes, it is indeed

What it is or what it should
Simple as it seems to be
What it is or what it was
No-one walks by foot

Don’t know how to find?
It’s all in your mind
Searchin’ everywhere?
It’s already there

All I Lost And All I Left
Without my feet on the ground
I’m slowly movin’ step by step
The river flows, there’s no sound
Took all what I lost and left

Recalling all you ever heard
Runnin’ deeper word by word
To take a hand … does that mean
There’s a fire in between

Countin’ all the times I have been tossed
Made me leavin’ all I hadn’t lost
Burnin’ all the paths I have been gone
Made me sick and then it made me strong
Tear oneself away is next to fear
But falling is in need to make me feel