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It's all over now. No more Cha Cha Guerillas.

Sorry, folks. Last show is postponed to 4th'a'June. This will be the final Go-Down-In-Flames for a 20 year long unholy relationship between a man and a man. It started in spittle and fistfights went through blood and tears and will end in ... true love.
There'll be some live music (new band The Helmet Lampshadez will step on, dead band Cha Cha Guerillas will step down) and some giveaways and hopefully plenty'o'girls'n'guys to help party that down, beloved kids'o'mine!
(9th May 11)

Yeah, it's true. We're gonna throw it up ... uh, because of too bad english.
23rd April 2011 is the last Guerillas show. Looking forward to kill a love that lasted more than 20 years. Chris and Ralph, Drums and Guitar, Love and Hate, Sweet and Bitter, White and Black, Life and Death. Stay together, go down together.

We're not rehearsing or doing anything since about three months and there's a certain portion of doubt we ever will again.
- Ralph is running The Dead Hands with Dan Shandock.
- Chris is active with Ippo and Ingo, former pals with Supersonic X. I don't know if gigging is planned but I heard about plans for recording in early 2011. (31.12.10)

Found Their Peace In Virgin Mary is released in Japan. (Dec. 2010)

Neues Review für Found Their Peace In Virgin Mary (2.6.10)

Doin some more shows, some with Felix on organ, some just the gruesome twosome. (19.2.10)

Erste Reviews für Found Their Peace In Virgin Mary (7.2.10)

Found Their Peace In Virgin Mary is now available for download in every Online-Download-Store you can imagine ... at least I couldn't imagine there are THAT MANY Online-Download-Stores, grunt. So go on and load it to your digital device and hear some bits and bytes rattle through your laptop speakers. That's why we put that lot effort in analog recording, I believe, haha. (Dec. 09)

Found Their Peace In Virgin Mary is now distributed in the USA through CD Baby. If you're livin' over there, you can order it at your local shop. (Dec. 09)

Danke an alle, die bei der Release Party waren, uns zugehört haben, in irgendeiner Art geholfen haben, mit uns getrunken oder gesprochen haben, die CD gekauft oder sonst irgendwas getan haben, das zumindest niemandem geschadet hat.
Insbesondere Ingo, Robin, Kerstin, Stefan und Flo und unseren Freunden von 3Six9. Was für coole Motherfuckers wir kennen dürfen ...
Fotos gibt's bislang noch keine. Ich hab niemanden gefragt, dass er mir was zuschickt. Wenn einer das lesen sollte, dann schickt mir doch was zu, ok? (14.12.09)

We're on the radio with interview and songs from the album on Monday, 7th 11am (GMT+1): Wüste Welle, Unknown Heroes (4.12.09)

Goin to close the guestbook down. Was full of spam. Who needs a guestbook? (29.11.09)

Added all infos about ... Found Their Peace In Virgin Mary on the website, including lyrics and stuff. (29.11.09)

Hi there, I just forgot the exact release date, must be something about first Dec., I'm sorry, but if anyone is over-eager, you can already preorder at Amazon. (23.11.09)

Hi all, so now it's late October and the record was promised for November, right? No problem. It'll be exactly like this.
It's finished and it's out for manufacturing. The title is "The Cha Cha Guerillas ... Found Their Peace In Virgin Mary". And on the outside it looks like dis:


Hi Jocks, this is the Cha Cha Guerillas again with news about the upcoming record. It's nearly done. We're mixing the very last goddamn song.
It will be out in November on RHR Records and there's a Release Party goin on on 12th Dec at the fine Sonnenkeller in Balingen.
We're talkin' cover issues at the moment and I think after 8 months which it took us to record and mix that bastard, everything doin right there by our own hands (better said the hands of Ingo in the last three months) I think there'll be some serious drink fest in the next weeks.
What more? Ah, there's a certain possibility that we close this website down and move to Myspace. I hate to say, yes, but it's easier and ... shit. Maybe we don't move, let's see. Everyone is suggesting but we believe selfmade websites are better, at least in a few years everybody will recognize this. But hopefully I'm dead then, so I don't mind. (9.8.09)

Ahem, there's an interview on YouTube (which we hate) which shows us during one of our mixing sessions. It's kind of a Making Of The New Record and there's lots of confuse talking.
So this is funny watching and a bit of information. (28.7.09)

Chris and Ralph at Sonnenkeller, Balingen in Dec. 2007, Pic by Janet Su

The gruesome twosome at U&D, Stuttgart, 9.8.2002. Yeah, that's several years ago. But the man with the guitar is still on the ground. Pic by Yvy Pop.

London City stack, U&D Balingen, Sept. 2006. Pic by Junx.

Chris at Epplehaus, Tübingen, 2.10.02. Don't know who shot this. It's from a newspaper, I guess, but I forgot.