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Discography - 7 Traditionals for Guitar, Organ and Drums

7 Traditionals for Guitar, Drums And Organ (Demo-CD, 01)

Tracklist (click for lyrics):

1 - Happy Boys Happy
2 - The Rock-Revolution (Download)
3 - Too Funk To Die
4 - Physical
5 - Put Your Hand On Something New
6 - Trash Dumpin'
7 - It's Right

All songs by the Cha Cha Guerillas, except "Happy Boys Happy" (Mariott/Lane) from the 3rd Small Faces Album (1967).

Recorded and mixed 25th to 27th March 2001 at Novasonic, Reutlingen by Martin Knauer and Andi Bückle (who also did all the percussions on "The Rock-Revolution". Hey, it's been HIS idea!!!).

Line-Up on the CD:
Lovely Nadine - Hammond, Vocals
Bloody Chris - Drums
Ralph On Fyre - Guitar, Vocals

No overdubs, except the Tremolo-Guitar and Percussion on "The Rock-Revolution".

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